Kangaroo Leather Belts

Adori kangaroo men’s leather belts have for many years given our Australian and overseas customers, tremendous satisfaction with a quality product that has been reliable, functional and practical. Size of these belts is adjustable with buckles easily removed and then refitted once belt is cut to required size. 

Our kangaroo leather belts are dressy, they are light with a refined finish, but their robustness makes them ideal for everyday use. The kangaroo leather properties of strength and durability have been conclusively proven by  thorough testing by CSIRO ( Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization ). A comparative analysis with bovine leather has shown kangaroo leather lasting three times longer. Adori kangaroo men’s leather belts are available in black and brown, with a choice of round or square buckles in either gold or silver finish. Packaging is a beautiful silver metallic round box which presents exceptionally well and makes an ideal gift. All our kangaroo leather belts are guaranteed for twelve months.