Adori Leather Retail is a 100% Australian owned family company and proud to be making and selling for many years a wonderful range of Australian Exotic leather goods. We have always been passionate about things Australian and determined to maintain very high standards and never compromise on quality and consistency. For these reasons and the fact that our leather goods are always practical and functional, our satisfied customers in Australia and other parts of the world, have the confidence not only to buy our wide range of leather goods but to also spread the good news. Adori men’s leather goods are of outstanding quality and offer a unique point of difference across many types of leathers including kangaroo, emu, crocodile, ostrich and cow.

There is a diversity of designs and colour combinations with a wide choice to please the most discerning leather connoisseur. Adori men’s kangaroo leather goods offer exceptional value for money, they are available in many colours, finishes and combinations, they are light, extremely durable and practical. Kangaroo leather properties of strength and durability have been conclusively proven by thorough testing by CSIRO ( Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization ). A comparative analysis with bovine leather has shown kangaroo leather lasting three times longer.

Adori men’s emu leather goods , have similar properties to kangaroo leather. What distinguishes Emu leather goods however from other leather goods is the unusual features that emu leather has. Its unique follicle ( spots where feathers were found ), are typical of this type of leather. Emu birds, relatives of African Ostrich, but native to Australia, have survived and adapted to the harsh and rugged Australian environment thus developing their own unique characteristics. Adori men’s emu leather goods are available in many colours.

Adori men’s crocodile leather goods are superb in their craftsmanship, classic look, warm colours of black and brown, and most importantly the use of crocodile leather, the king of all leathers.Crocodile leather has the all captivating scale that is incomparable. Not only is it extraordinary to look at, but it has a longevity that is second to none. This Australian Indo Pacific Porosous leather has a smaller scale, ideal for small leather goods and almost unique to Australia.

Adori men’s ostrich leather goods are also unlike other regular or exotic leather goods. They are magnificently hand crafted with that large unforgettable follicle. The follicle area of the skin ( the diamond area ) as it is called, represents a fairly small part of this valuable leather but it is the most exclusive and sought after part of the ostrich. Like all other exotic leathers ostrich is extremely durable, uniquely different and highly desirable.