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For centuries leather has been used by the human race, for warmth, comfort and protection from the elements. In our modern society, we are surrounded by this natural material. We use it, wear it and admire it. It is important to point out however, that not all leathers are alike. They look and feel different, and they have different features and properties.

What distinguishes our leather products from other companies’ products is that apart from bovine leather, we specialise in Kangaroo, emu, crocodile and ostrich. Kangaroo and emu are Australian indigenous animals, with ostrich (a bird with South African origins), which has adapted to Australian climatic and physical conditions, and the Indo-Pacific Porosous crocodile, which is almost unique to Australia with its distinct identifiable scale. These crocodiles are found in Queensland and Northern Territory.

The EMU on the other hand (a relative of ostrich) although existing in the wild as well, it is farm-bred specifically for its oil (this has amazing therapeutic properties – known to Australian aborigines for centuries), its meat (extremely healthy with almost no fat and cholesterol) its hide and feathers. Emu leather has developed similar properties to kangaroo (strength and durability), but what makes it even more unique, is its distinct follicle which is evenly spread throughout its entire surface area.